Monday, November 19, 2012

And he's watching us all with the eyeeeeee....

Ryan tends to be something of a quitter. He gets easily frustrated when he can't make a toy stand up the way he wants to and cries, "YOU can do it." If he doesn't instantly see the item he wants, he has a meltdown, crying that the thing in question is "lost," but he won't participate in the act of looking for the missing object, even when reminded that looking for the missing thing might actually help him find it.

That said, he has moments of tremendous drive and ambition.

We went to our local Bounce U. It's an amazing indoor play place that has rooms and rooms of bouncy castles. Any inflatable plaything you can think of, it's there. After a two-hour open session there, Ryan actually put himself down for a three-hour nap.

Ryan had been there once before with a school trip, but it was my first visit. Man, I wish there had been something like that when I was a kid (and that I had been the kind of kid who would have enjoyed it the way I would now. Scratch that, I wish they had adult sessions.) They divide the open-bounce session in halves - the kids spend the first half in one room, and the second half in another room full of completely different bouncy stuff. During the first half, Ryan kept asking if it was time to go into the second room - over and over and over again. When the second room opened, he ran straight for this thing:

The bottom level is a trampoline, and the four layers above it are nylon webs. The kids have to climb straight up through all the webs to get to the top of a huge inflated slide. It was challenging for all of the kids - the nylon straps sag when you step on them, so it's hard to push off with your feet - but it was really challenging for Ryan. Really. Challenging. Kids were passing him left and right. Boys stepped on him on their way up. Kids on line were getting impatient because only four people were allowed in the tube at a time.

But Ryan kept trying.

I swear I'm not making this up: several minutes into his attempt to reach the second web level, this music came on the stereo:
Eye of the Tiger played all the way through and he still hadn't reached the second level. But he kept trying.

And after Lord-knows how long, he reached the second web.

And the third.

And the fourth.

And he went down the slide.

And after he had bounced on everything else in the room, he went back to the web thingy and did it again.

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