Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sandy: scenes from an autistic household

Tuesday evening, La Casa de Awesome.
Ryan:     Can I watch tv before the lights come on?

Mom:     No, baby, there's no electricity. The tv needs electricity.

Ryan:     I can not turn on the lights!

Mom:    No, baby, the storm blew down the power lines. When the wind stops, the workers will start fixing the lines and they'll make the electricity work again.

Ryan stares out the window at the eerie sky and the shadowy trees bending at unnatural angles. 

Ryan:    Go away, Wind! Go away! (pause) I can not make the wind stop!

Mom:   No, you can't. Wouldn't that be cool if you could?

Ryan:   Can I watch tv before the lights come on?

Wednesday night, Grandma Laurie's house. Ryan and Daddy have just returned from 15 minutes of trick-or-treating and half an hour of freaking out looking for a lost glove.

Ryan:    Can I have candy with no wheat in it? Does this candy has no wheat in it?

Friday evening, Grandma Alice's house.

Mom:   Hey, Ryan, I just got a call from Daddy: the power is back on at our house! We have heat and lights again!

Ryan:   The power is back on at our house?

Mom:   Yes, we have electricity again!

Ryan:   We have 'lectricity again? Can we go to the new house? Can we go there, can we go?

Mom:   Yes, but I want to wait until after rush hour. We'll go after dinner.

Ryan:   Can we go to the new house? Can we go and have e-lec-tic-tristity?

The Frankenstorm lived up to the hype. I hope all of you on the east coast are safe and that your families are well. Big thanks to the utility workers who got our power back up last night. These folks have been working hard and putting in long hours, and I'm mortified that some Connecticut residents have been less than patient.

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