Monday, December 31, 2012

The One-Man Penguin Plunge

I'd like to think Ryan just learned an important lesson - that thin ice will not hold your weight -  but I don't think he actually did.

After an afternoon of sledding, Ryan was walking along the edge of his favorite duck pond and must have noticed a microscopic film of ice on the water. As is his nature, he jumped onto it with both feet without testing or thinking. And the next thing we knew he was up to his neck in icy water.

We pulled him out,  rushed him to our car, stripped off his wet socks and snowpants, cranked up the heat, and got him home as quickly as we could.

I scolded him about the dangers of stepping on thin ice, but I have no reason to believe this lesson has left any impression: even while still soaking wet and being dragged from the pond, Ryan was asking if he could still chase the geese.

Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, no you can not.

This is the scary side of learning disability: the inability to learn from one's own experiences. I imagine a typical kid, after jumping onto thin ice and landing in a freezing cold pond, would connect effect with cause and would think twice before trying such a stunt again. But based on his history, I have no reason to expect his days of falling through thin ice are over.

Stu has suggested keeping towels and blankets in the trunk from now on. My mother recommended starting my New Year's drinking early. I am thankful to be surrounded by such wise people.

Happy New Year!


  1. I was the photographer across the street.

  2. Whoa. What the what?!! And you happen to read this blog?!?!?

    Get any good shots?

  3. I was telling my wife what happened, And I suggested that Ryan (I heard you scream his name) may have been autistic, as I read your bumper sticker on your way out. As a photographer, I am very observant! ALWAYS! HAHA. Anyway, my interest got the better of me, and i did a simple search with some key words and BAM! there was your blog!.

    And Yes, I did turn the camera towards you folks. I shot you pulling him out. But When I saw him look like he was about to take the Penguin Plunge (and that is EXACTLY how he looked going in! HAHA) I just kept a good eye on him, rather than keep shooting, since...well... its just natural, I am a Dad x3.

  4. so, the idea was- to get you the pictures. I know it wasn't a pleasant moment, but i DO have a few, and rather then just let them fall into another one of my thousands of folders... if you want them, give me a link to your email or something.

    1. You can email them to ouchingtiger at gmail. Thanks, and have a happy new year!

  5. I had the same experience with my own son only photos seconds before he jumped in and photos after we got him out - taken by me - But the experience was without ice, just simply wanting to jump off a dock at a lake fully clothed. And I do think it involved goose bumps and not sure he understood the danger. Oh, he's autistic, too and not as verbal but has some words but none about our incident.


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