Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Trooper

Last weekend, Ryan battled the Rat King in The Nutcracker.
Ryan is the short one pointing his sword straight ahead.
Curtain call, at which the kids sang endless choruses of Jingle Bells.
I'm told he did well - I didn't get to see much of anything, because my job was to keep Ryan calm backstage.

A rare moment when he wasn't running up and down the hall.
So mostly I can report on the intensity of the energy of a dressing room full of anxious autistic boys (with all the flapping I'm surprised nobody took flight).

But I can definitely tell you Ryan was proud of himself - that he has referenced the show several times this week, reminding me "I danced on the stage."

And that the whole time he was off stage, he kept asking if he could go back on.

And that he was so entranced by the ballerinas that while we were watching them from the back of the house during the dress rehearsal he was able to ignore the giant numbers on the backs of the auditorium chairs.

And that he's a serious trooper, because it turned out he did the show with a stomach bug brewing (My first clue something was wrong was when went to Friendly's after the show and he barely touched his ice cream. Then he curled up in my lap and announced he needed to "go home and rest in bed." By the time we got home, he had a 102 degree fever.)

And I can tell you that all of the dancers with special needs seemed thrilled with their performance. As they should.

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