Saturday, January 26, 2013


Lots of people dread Mondays.

I hate Saturdays.

School, it seems, is very taxing for Ryan. Five days of paying attention, speech and occupational therapy sessions, interacting with other kids in socially normative ways, and keeping his behavior school-appropriate consumes of his energy. By Friday afternoon, he's toast.

So on Saturdays, he needs to decompress. He plays what he likes, relaxes, and goes from giggling to melting down and back again without warning.  And by Sunday, he's lovable and sweet again.

We've learned there's no benefit to pushing him to do things he's not keen to do on Saturdays, because the meltdowns will just get more intense, and if he doesn't get all that crap out of his system on Saturday, we'll never be able to leave the house on Sunday.

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