Friday, January 4, 2013

The 12 Days of Ryan

(Each day is represented by a toy on my kitchen counter.)

On the twelfth dabba Christmas my todda soba dee
12 drummers drumming [pteranadon puppet]
11 pipahs pipah [Frosty the Snowman]
10 lords a'leaping [Pig word-friend]
9 ladies dancing [T-Rex puppet]
8 maids a milking [left slipper]
7 swans a swimming [teddy bear]
6 geese a geesing [plastic jar with a stuffed moose head for a lid]
5 gol-den riiiiiings (ba dum bum bum) [blue sock with a frog head on it]
4 bolly birds [piggy bank]
3 friends [rubber frog stuffed with Angry Birds figurines]
2 little dogs[right slipper]
and a pah pah pippa pah peeeee [slinky dog]


  1. Sorry that was me - all I wanted to say, after I picked myself up of the floor, is that it's a damn good thing he's cute!

    1. I think he is quite creative and I loved it (as I sang along)!


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