Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Penguin Plunge, addendum

Ok, so the other day I put up a post about Ryan's little penguin plunge. Within an hour, there was an anonymous comment on that post that just said "I was the photographer across the street." (there had been a guy taking pictures of ducks on the other side of the pond.) My immediate thought was, Shit, we have a crazy stalker. If we all turn up dead tomorrow, this will be why.

Then I'm all, what are the odds that this random person, who is way out of this blog's demographic, happens to read The Ryan Files and happened to be standing there at that moment?

I spent like 20 minutes freaking out. Stu tried to come up with plausible scenarios to convince me we were not about to be murdered, but honestly, he wasn't terribly convincing.

Then the guy had the decency to solve the mystery:

It seems he watched the incident, and even took some shots of us pulling the boy out of the water. He thought the boy in the water might be autistic, heard me scream Ryan's name (but thought I said Brian), and based on these clues and a bumper sticker on my car, Googled "suburbia roller derby autistic son brian," and the magic of The Google brought him here.

I find this both amazing and terrifying.

Equally amazing, Ryan might have actually learned something from this incident.

The next day, while trying to dry out his boots with every ShamWow we own, I asked Ryan why he jumped in the pond. He stared at his hot chocolate for a moment, then recalled the event in a way uniquely his: "I got covered in goose poop and then you rescued me."

Right. But WHY did you jump in the pond?

"I fell in the pond because you can not step on ice in the river. And I got covered in goose poop and then you rescued me and you cleaned me."

Somewhere in that odd little head of his I think he sees the connection between thin ice and falling in goose-poop-infested water. 

And he understands that his parents will rescue him.

And that goose poop is disgusting.

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