Monday, July 8, 2013


Ryan is terrified by the sight of fire alarms because he is sure that if he touches one he will cause a fire, and he's a kid, so the urge to touch things is almost irresistible.

He has been avoiding handicapped bathroom stalls ever since that one time he pulled the string for the I-need-help alarm and set off a scary loud buzzer.

And every time we're in my car, he both warns me not to touch the OnStar button and begs to press it, "so there would be an emergency."

"We would not ring the alarm," he warns me, "or we would make da fire and be firemen."

I have tried to explain cause and effect - that a fire will cause the alarm to go off - but he either doesn't get it or doesn't believe me. I have also tried to reassure him that if there is an emergency, we can sound an alarm and firemen will help us, but in his mind when an alarm sounds an emergency situation breaks out and we magically transform into first responders, possibly with uniforms and equipment and extensive training.

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