Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Neurofeedback Therapy Update #2

Yesterday a friend told me she has been taking her son for neurofeedback therapy for the last two weeks, and she has seen notable improvements (I think for ADHD symptoms?) after each treatment. She asked how Ryan's doing with NT.

I have no idea.

We have days that are more or less challenging, but I don't know to what I should attribute those changes.

Nurse Brainley has asked me to keep a daily log in which I rate each of 10 problematic behaviors on a scale of 0 (not-a-problem-at-this-time) to 10 (significant-problem-dear-God-get-me-out-of-here). I have been looking for patterns, and I have found absolutely none.

Yesterday was fantastic. Ryan was happy to go back to school (I love extended school year!), let the nurse put the clips on his ears at NT without a struggle, didn't freak out over insignificant things, asked strangers their names, and tried to tell me about something that happened at school, using the name of a classmate. Zeros across the board.

The day before, everything was a fight. He whined all day that "I can not find" some toy that was right in front of him or that some random body part mysteriously hurt whenever he couldn't get his way. The only behavior that ranked below a 7 was "sleep difficulties."

So, is neurofeedback working for Ryan? It may be too early to tell. Some days he seems perhaps a bit more focused, a little more verbal. Stu and I have had a few moments in the last couple of weeks when we've stared at each other in shock that Ryan said/did something he had never done before. But we've always had those moments, because Ryan is always growing and changing, albeit more slowly than a typical child his age.

Two days ago Ryan revealed he can snap his fingers. Should I chalk that up to growing up, or to neurofeedback? My inner skeptic knows this is how snake oil salesmen stay in business: people love to connect dots even when those dots have nothing in common but proximity.

To be continued, three times a week for the next couple of months...

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