Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Neurofeedback Therapy Update #3

I think we're starting to see the effects we've been waiting for. We're about 5-6 weeks into treatment - exactly when Nurse Brainly said we should start noticing changes.

This week, Ryan has been more interactive than ever. Today we even had a couple of real conversations!

First, after I rejected his generous offer of pre-sucked-on hard candy, he asked me "Do you like candy?" I replied that yes, I like candy, but I don't like candy that has already been in someone's mouth, and I'm not too fond of the kind he was eating (the ones that come in a wrapper that looks like a strawberry). He then asked me a follow-up question: "What kind of candy do you like?" Whoa. I told him I like chocolate candy. This prompted him to search the kitchen for chocolate; he's my kid.

The second conversation was more abstract, which was really exciting. Upon noticing that Stu was still not home from work, Ryan asked me "Why does Daddy go to work at the office?" I rewarded his perfect question with a brief lesson on microeconomics.

Being more willing to interact with people has also made him less obsessed with computer games and videos. And a new-found reserve of patience and maturity has reduced the frequency and intensity of meltdowns, so when I turn off the tv or the computer, he doesn't freak out about the transition to his next activity.

This is not to imply that everything is now totally typical, but this week has sure been more manageable than a month ago. Here's looking forward to more progress!


  1. What a marvelously upbeat change from your last post. The boy can surprise and delight. Dad

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