Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Quack of the Month: Bleach Enemas

I can't believe I just wrote that title.

So, the Archbishop Jim Humble, through his Genesis II Church of Healing, came up with a treatment called MMS, which he says "restores health from 95% or more of the world's diseases," including HIV, malaria, acne, cancer, hepatitis, and H1N1. And, of course, autism.
Archbishop Jim Humble

According to Kerri Rivera, author of "Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism," autistic behaviors are the result of standard biomedical stuff - food allergies, heavy metals, inflammation, toxins. MMS is administered to kill pathogens, remove biofilms, and neutralize heavy metal compounds, and the result is a decrease in inflammation and sensitivity to allergens. Rivera claims to have cured 93 children of their autism diagnoses.

MMS stands for Master Mineral Solution, a chlorine dioxide-based substance. Proponents of MMS are quick to say that chlorine dioxide is not bleach, but the FDA and many doctors have described it as concentrated industrial-strength bleach. Chlorine dioxide is used in treating drinking water and in the bleaching of flour and wood pulp. It is the disinfectant of choice for eliminating anthrax from government buildings.

The FDA has (twice) warned that MMS can cause nausea, severe vomiting, diarrhea, kidney failure, and life-threatening low blood pressure caused by dehydration. Because, they say, it's a bleach, and you're not supposed to drink bleach.

One of Rivera's treatment protocols calls for giving a young autistic child an MMS enema every two hours for 72 hours around the clock.

Imagine giving your child any sort of enema every two hours for 72 hours.

Now imagine using bleach.

Sure, it would kill pathogens, but it might also kill your child, or your child might get angry and sleep-deprived and try to kill you.

I spent an evening Googling MMS, and I didn't find any reputable sources that advocate its use; if you come across one, please let me know.

In short: for the love of God, don't put bleach into your kid's digestive system. He's autistic, not infectious.

EDIT: I absolutely love how defensive MMS devotees get about this post. I publish all the criticism. Keep it coming!


  1. Yes I have read about this before. And you know there are (dumb people) who think this man must be right, because regular medicine says it’s dangerous. I have tried to argue with them……

  2. Oh boy...is this for real? Wouldnt that end up killing all the useful Gut flora so critical for sustaining life?

  3. If you want to get the inside story from Jim Humble himself, he's appearing on It's Rainmaking Time!® tomorrow. I'm guessing you're not scientists. Try learning more about things before you jump to conclusions.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrwZN1cPfX8

    This video makes a pretty decent case for MMS, in my opinion.

  5. You have NO idea whats occurring in the Autism world with CD do you.
    It's a beautiful thing. :)

    1. I know there are thousands of antivaxxers because Jim humble and Keri Rivera teach against vaccination, shame on you helping to make kids sick by spreading measles kool aid cult

    2. Jim and Keri both advocate anti vaxxing shame on you for spreading diseases like measles because of all you jim humble anti vaxxers people are getting sick with disease from not vaxxing not being healing Jim is not the god he said he was it is a kool aid cult

  6. 110 kids have lost their autism diagnosis as of yesterday.
    Check out Kerri Rivera's protocol. Do the decent thing by criticizing only after you or someone you know/trust has tried it and found it not to work.

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  8. Anybody can claim that 9000 children were cured of autism by putting ketchup on their heads. That's not evidence, that's an assertion.

    Actual evidence has a PEDIGREE. In other words, it cites its source so that the source can be VERIFIED. What doctors are involved?

    And how about patients? Doctor-patient confidentiality shouldn't be a problem because there should be at least a hundred VERY HAPPY parents willing to freely share their success stories. They don't exist either.

    Actual medical science describes a credible causal link, and the causal link is verified. What's the causal link in the bleach enemy hypothesis? There isn't one.

    But... this isn't just "quackery".

    Bleach enemas to cure autistic children is anal rape using a caustic liquid. There already are laws against anal rape using a caustic liquid.

    So if you know of anybody trying this idiocy, report them immediately to the police.

  9. Jim said he was a God and will be one day he is also indirectly responsible for the measles outbreak since he anti vaxxer and teaches thousands of people to be anti vaxxer he needs to be responsible for kids getting sick with the measles. if you are antivaxxer jim humble advocate you are responsible for this measles outbreak you should be sued as antivaxxer. shame on you using mms propaganda to make kids sick and spread disease like measles. he is a disease spreader not a disease healer

  10. i have a love for bleach as a cleaner, its great for killing germs, bacteria and viruses, and anyone who drinks it. anyone who gives it to children or indeed anyone who is in any way impaired mentality or physically such be charged with attempted murder. enough people, bleach is a cleaner not medicine. jim humble and his followers are liars and are promoting bleach as a cure for one reason MONEY, naming yours. while you are poisoning your loved one, they are paying their mortgages holidays and cars with your money. see sense, so these people believe governments and doctors are hiding this miracle cure? for what reason? every child is diagnosed with autism (for example) the government has to provide doctors, nurses, OT,PT speech a n language therapists and other professional staff to help that child. the government has to provide specialized schooling, with snas, main stream schools with asd units attached and specialized schools themselves. next all the medicines the child needs though out their life. when the child grows into an adult and cant live alone then the government has to provide specialized homes for them. some people with autism can lead "normal" lives with jobs and others cant. so these followers of jim humble are claiming that the government and doctors are hiding this cure, surely it would be cheaper if this cure was real and all we had to do for our children to be cured of autism is feed them bleach and they will never have to depend on the government providing services that our government cant afford. that would be cheaper for our government yet it isnt happening because and listen carefully drinking bleach is not a cure it is possibility death or other major health problems. so save your money and use it for your own family not some cult member.

  11. You have no idea what you are talking about, and taking the FDA's word against a substance that cures disease but is so prevalent and easily accessible that it can't be patented and make the big drug companies money is utter foolishness. The FDA is against it because the FDA does not protect people. The FDA protects corporations from profit loss. Do your homework and find out what MMS is before you jump on the bandwagon... Sheesh!


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