Sunday, August 25, 2013

A Real Friend

Ryan's new friends aren't just playmates. They're real friends. The kind of friends every person should hope to have someday.

Stu brought Ryan to the playground yesterday, and my friend Dee happened to be there with Ryan's buddies Gio and Lovie and their friends. While Stu was pushing Ryan, Lovie, and Lovie's friend Sally on the tire swing, Ryan asked Stu to stop pushing so he could get off. Sally started making fun of how Ryan talks. Then, immediately and totally unprompted, Lovie snapped at her, "You need to stop saying that because it's mean." And Sally shut her nasty mouth.

While my heart breaks to think of all the Sallys Ryan will meet down the road, I'm so comforted to imagine there may also be some Lovies.

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  1. Perhaps and hopefully Sally learned a lesson from Lovie. Too bad Sally didn't already know she was being mean. Seems to me she should have been taught by and learned that lesson from her parents from the very beginning. I wish for Ryan many Lovies and few Sallys.


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