Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get the hell back to school

Like many special ed kids, Ryan gets extended school year (ESY) to prevent regression. The ESY kids get a week or two off at the end of June, then have an abbreviated school day for the next month, and then have another two-week break before the regular school year begins.

Even though the time off from school is relatively brief, it highlights how much Ryan needs ESY. The weeks without the structure of school or the benefits of therapies are painful. Behavior regresses by months. Since Ryan is at an age now where he has friends who can read and could conceivably read this blog, I'll just say the last two weeks have been really messy. And stressful. And provided me with lots of aggression to take out on the track.

Ryan loves school. He has been pretty much begging to go to school for days. Every day he has asked, "Is today Wednesday? Can I go on the bus?" Well, today was finally Wednesday. You've never seen a child get dressed as quickly as Ryan threw on his clothes this morning. He marched around the front yard with his backpack on for 20 minutes before the bus was even scheduled to arrive. And after school, he volunteered "My first day of school was fun!"

First day of 3rd grade. Be still my heart.

I, for one, celebrated the first day of school with a long morning nap and a leisurely afternoon walk. Because surviving the break between ESY and school totally earns you a day off.

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