Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sing it with me: "Ryan has a giiiirlfriend..."

A few weeks ago, Ryan came home from school and announced, "It's almost Hediyeh's birthday!" Hediyeh is one of the two girls in his class. I thought it was neat that he knew that; I certainly didn't know that.

Yesterday Ryan told me, "Tomorrow is Hediyeh's birthday!" I asked if they would be having a party in school, but Ryan provided no further information.

This morning, the first thing Ryan said after Good Morning was "Today is Hediyeh's birthday!"

Clearly this is a major event. It's also the first time Ryan has told me any information about another child without being prompted. SoI asked Ryan if he wanted to make Hediyeh a card. He said yes.

I offered him a choice of pink or blue paper; Ryan said "She would like pink paper." Not I want to use pink paper, but I think this is the one my friend would prefer.

I asked if he would rather use a pencil or markers; he announced "We can use both together."

I wrote a model for the words "Happy Birthday Hediyeh" on some notebook paper, and without hesitation or distraction, he copied the words perfectly onto the pink paper. Writing is not a task Ryan generally enjoys. Doing his homework generally devolves into him pretending his pencil is an airplane.

Then he picked up a blue marker and drew a spiral. With a yellow marker he drew a flower. I was in shock - Ryan doesn't like to draw very much, and when he does he typically uses just one color and scribbles.

I forget if this next part was my idea or his, but when he was done with his drawing, Ryan asked if he could decorate the card with stickers. I opened the sticker drawer and asked what sort of stickers he thought Hediyeh would like - Dora? Monkeys? But he was already hard at work with stickers he had selected himself. He shot me a look as if to say, "Cool it, Mom, I've got this under control."

When the card was finished, Ryan said "And now we must take it to school so Hediyeh can see." I had him show the card to Stu and then I helped him put it in his backpack. He looked very proud.

After school I asked if there had been a party at school, and if Hediyeh liked the card, and what I should wear to the wedding.

No answers.

I don't even know if today was actually Hediyeh's birthday, and I don't much care. Today was a day when Ryan thought about a friend and did something nice for her. And that's a pretty good day.

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