Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Nutcracker Dance, part 2

Miss Debbie has decided that from now on Ryan will rehearse with the older kids so he can be in the Russian dance. And lo, the heavens opened, and it was good.

But he's still not 100% content, because he's still expected to participate in activities other than the Russian dance.

Today they practiced the scene he was in last year, in which the toy soldiers fight the mouse king. The first time through today the kids all had foam swords. Miss Debbie gave them a stern lecture to the effect that they were never to hit anyone else with the swords, but really, if you give a bunch of boys toy swords, everyone's getting stabbed.

So they walked through the number with the swords, and then later a bunch of other kids came in and there weren't enough swords for everyone, so Miss Debbie had everyone put their swords away and just pretend to have swords. Well, Ryan found this unacceptable. He started whimpering, the wailing, "I can not find my sword anywhere!" I tried to reassure him that everyone was using imaginary swords, but he wasn't buying it.

Then he went back to whining that he wanted to do the Russian dance.

After class I explained to Miss Debbie that Ryan does best with a numbered order of events. If I could write a list and say, "Step 1 is the soldier scene, Step 2 is the Russian dance, Step 3 is funny third thing" he'd be perfectly fine. However, Miss Debbie doesn't work that predictably. She goes with the flow to accommodate the unique and ever-changing needs of all the kids. Given the wide variety of challenges or handicaps of the participants in the class, I understand the need for her to operate this way, but it makes it a bit more difficult for Ryan.

At least he gets to be in the Russian dance.

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