Friday, November 15, 2013

A Letter to Santa

Ryan just wrote his first letter to Santa.
If you've been around this blog at all, you know that Ryan loves Christmas. If you're new around here, see this or this or this or this... So it's noteworthy that he has never written a letter to Santa or even asked for a present. I think he really loves the spirit of the holiday, and the decorations and the music,

The other day we were at Barnes and Noble, and Ryan asked if we could buy a little stuffed triceratops. Stu suggested he could put it on his Christmas list, and surprisingly, he agreed this was a good idea! The next day I got some paper and asked him what the letter should say. He dictated the text, I wrote a visual model for him and suggested we add the word "please," and then he wrote out this humble request:
"Santa will bring my a triceratops please. Love Ryan"
I think by age eight typical kids are already questioning the existence of Santa, but "age appropriate" is an all-but-meaningless phrase around here. In our house Dora is still exploring, Team Umizoomi is still doing whatever the hell it is they do, and YouTube is still used for finding alphabet songs. We have yet to graduate from Duplo to Lego or from Little People to action figures.

Blessedly, this means Santa and his reindeer are alive and well.

And Santa will be bringing Ryan a triceratops.

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