Friday, November 22, 2013

What's that sound look like?

Sadly, I am not a synaesthete. I can not taste colors or smell words, but I wish I could experience synaesthesia for a day.
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I've often wondered if Ryan experiences synaesthesia. When he hears a surprising sound, he will often ask, "What's that sound look like?" but it's likely that's just one of his odd linguistic constructions.

A recently-published study reveals that synaesthesia occurs almost three times more frequently in people on the autism spectrum than in the general population; nearly 19% of autistic participants experienced synaesthesia, vs 7% of the control group.

How cool would that be, if every sound had a color? If the number four tasted like an apple?

Someday, when Ryan is able to communicate such things, I wonder if he will reveal this is how his mind works. I'd be in awe and totally jealous.

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