Thursday, December 5, 2013

Time to Reinvent

Now that the headaches and nausea have subsided, I'm sitting here quietly trying to reinvent myself.

I've basically been a member of a gang (or perhaps a cult) for 3+ years. Almost everyone I know in Connecticut I know through playing derby. I've based my schedule around countless practices and games and fundraisers and promotional events. I have used roller derby as my incentive to work out - I find running intensely boring, but knowing it might improve my endurance and footwork, I'd drag myself out for a jog.

So who am I going to be next?

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Remember Ryan's "girlfriend" Hediyeh?

Yeah, he's totally into her.

Monday afternoon, Ryan stepped off the school bus and sadly announced, "I did not play with Hediyeh today!" Volunteering any info about his day is beyond rare, so I pounced on this.

"Oh no!" I said. "Was she in school?"

"No, she was not."

I hope y'all realize that ANY time Ryan and I have a real conversation I report it to you. So you can go back and count how many times this has happened.

I suggested Hediyeh may have been home sick, and that if he wanted he could make her a get-well card.

This morning, Ryan busted out the foam sticker crafts and make Hediyeh THREE foam penguins. I'm told when he got to school he hugged Hediyeh and cried, "I'm so happy you're back!" and then gave her the presents.

Unfortunately, they won't get to play together for a couple of days, because shortly after he got to school, Ryan spiked a fever and I had to bring him home. Of course, he's acting totally healthy now, much to my annoyance - he even asked if he could go back to school this afternoon - and he won't be permitted to return to school til Thursday no matter how he feels tomorrow.

Love will have to wait.