Friday, February 14, 2014

Speaking Truth to Power

The other day the mayor of our little town visited Ryan's class to talk about his job. Previously, the class has welcomed a firefighter, a police officer, and other community helpers who I imagine make for more exciting show-and-tell than a politician - the flashiest thing Mayor Blake had to offer the kids was brand-new pencils with his name and title on them in shiny gold paint.

The mayor explained that in his job he has a lot of meetings with people and writes a lot of letters. Hearing this, Ryan became indignant. Defiantly, he barked at the mayor, "But your PENCIL is not SHARP!"

Like, duh, how can you write letters if your pencil isn't even sharpened?

The mayor stammered and admitted Ryan had a point. The teachers laughed and told the mayor, "He's got you there."

That's my boy: telling it like it is.

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