Sunday, March 30, 2014

The trees are different!

"The trees are different! The cars are different! The signs are different!"

Ryan rattled off a monologue in this vein from the back seat of our rental car that lasted the entire ride from the West Palm Beach airport to his grandparents' house.

Maybe he paused for a block or two. Certainly no longer.

As soon as we arrived at his grandparents' house he started grilling us for details on when we would be going home. Ceaselessly.

We've entered a phase of repeated questioning: Ryan will ask the exact same question, phrased in the exact same way, a dozen or more times in a row, even if he already knows the answer. We answer him the first time. And the second. And then our answers start getting stupid.

"Have we landed?" he asked while cruising at 38,000 feet.


"Have we landed?"

"Not yet. We'll be in the air for another hour."

"Have we landed?"

"What do you think?"

"Have we landed?"


"Have we landed?"

"Look out the window."

"Have we landed?"


"Have we landed?"

"Ryan, if you ask me again I'm going to scream."

"Have we landed?"


"Have we landed?"
 I'm really not sure what he's going for here, which makes it difficult for me to provide the correct answer. Other questions he asked similarly during this trip included:
"Is it sunny?"
"Are we above the clouds?"
"Are we flying?"
"Can I see the whole view from here?"
"Are we in Florida?"
"Is that a palm tree?"
"Is this milk old?"
As we have established, Ryan's behavior on vacations is entirely different from his regular behavior. At home lately he insists on drinking with a straw to avoid contact with surface bubbles; in Florida he never even asked for a straw. While I'm hoping this repeated questioning will fall into this only-on-vacation category, I do not take it for granted that he's able to ask questions. I'm thrilled to answer questions for him.


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