Sunday, April 6, 2014

Tales of the sweetest kid in the world

Ryan was invited to a birthday party for a girl in his inclusion class. This is the very first time one of his typical classmates has invited him to a party; I got a little choked up when I RSVPd. I had never heard Ryan mention this girl, but apparently she talks about Ryan "all the time."

Saturday morning Ryan woke up with a fever and had to miss the party. I made the choice not to be the first to mention it so as not to make him needlessly upset. He spent the morning zonked out on the couch, showing no interest in much of anything.

Shortly after I left for the evening to help out with my roller derby league's game, I got a string of texts from Stu: Ryan had realized what he had missed and was understandably distraught. "Can we go to Teresa's birthday party now?" he begged . "Can it start now?"

I imagined he was upset about having missed out on ice skating and cake and balloons, but Stu says Ryan's only concern was the logistics of how and when he could give the birthday girl her present.

He hasn't asked for cake.

He hasn't asked to go ice skating.

He has asked to give Teresa her birthday present.

This child is beyond sweet.

7/2/14: Ryan dragged himself into school while still not quite well, just to give Teresa her present, and was promptly sent home by the school nurse. It was that important to him. It has been three full months, and he has not received the courtesy of a thank-you note. He doesn't know this is rude, but I do. Just sayin'...

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