Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just enough to make a mother worry

Yesterday was an excellent communication day. Ryan initiated baking muffins with me, and even engaged Stu in a long game (it involved chasing each other around the house and Stu shooting foam balls at Ryan) without the game dissolving into tears.

I can tell what kind of day it will be from the moment Ryan wakes me up. If he runs into my room shrieking "I can not FIND ___," it's going to be a day of wailing and gnashing of teeth. If he leaves me alone past 6:30am and just plays in his room, the rest of the day will likely be interactive, like yesterday.

Knowing this was a good day, Stu pressed Ryan for details on how he had skinned his knee at school. Ryan readily revealed he had fallen down while running at recess. After a few follow-up questions, we learned he had been running away from Joe. He made it clear that he and Joe were not playing tag: Ryan was "running away from Joe" because "he's pretty mean."

We were not able to extract from Ryan what "mean" thing Joe had done or said. My understanding had been that Joe is Ryan's buddy in his inclusion class - that Joe is usually looking out for Ryan and helping him be part of the group. It's possible that Joe thought he was playing and Ryan saw things differently. It's possible Joe has come to see Ryan as a social liability and felt the need to do something "mean" to bolster his own status. I can imagine many scenarios that may have played out at recess.

Unfortunately I can really only imagine. Ryan gave me just enough information to make me worry, not enough information to figure out what really happened.

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