Sunday, May 18, 2014

My ears are bleeding...

If I had to describe Ryan in one word, it would be "sweet."

If I had to describe him two words, they would be "sweet" and "loud."

I do not understand how a body so small can generate noise of such volume and duration.

Aside from the objects that are constantly crashing in his wake, the noises include an endless variety of screams, shrieks, complaints, grunts, tics, scripts, and requests. Yesterday during a long car ride, we got tired of asking him to be quieter, so I offered him $1 if he could stay quiet for a whole minute; despite multiple attempts I still have my dollar.

The only way to get silence is to ask him a question.

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  1. haha! this reminds me of a car trip when i was 10 years old with my best friend and my parents. my friend was telling a story and kept throwing in that nervous filler "ok". eg: "ok, so yesterday i was walking the dog, ok? and i see this, ok, squirrel, ok?" my parents reached a limit and offered her FIVE DOLLARS if she could go five minutes without saying "ok". her response? "OK!"


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