Friday, June 3, 2016

World's Saddest Tiger

When Ryan came home from his school's Field Day wearing full face paint, it was a Big Deal. I think about a year ago he let someone paint a ladybug on the back of his hand and resisted washing it off for several minutes, but that might have been his only previous experience willingly wearing the sort of makeup children tend to clamor for at birthday parties and carnivals.

When Ryan stepped off the school bus with his tiger makeup, he was crying. He was crying because he doesn't understand how raffles work, and he thought the teachers running Field Day had skipped his ticket number on purpose and that this was a terrible personal slight. I tried to comfort him, praising him for telling me "I am feeling sad." 

But mostly, I was dying to ask him about the face paint. Because it was a Big Deal. 

I oohed and aahed enthusiastically about how great he looked as a tiger, and how proud I was that he had stepped so far out of his comfort zone. He indicated it was time to wash his face. It was hard at that moment to tell if his crying was in any way related to the face paint.

"Should we take a picture before we wash it off?" I asked.

Through his tears, he agreed.

Thus, I present to you, the world's saddest tiger:
sad boy in tiger face paint
The plastic party fedora on top of the baseball cap is just standard tiger apparel.
As soon as his face was clean, he stopped crying and went out to play.