Tuesday, May 2, 2017

From sticker-free to full ogre in just 8 years

Age 3 3/4: Ryan learned to tolerate briefly wearing a sticker.

Age 5: Ryan freaks out because I made up my face for Halloween.

Age 9: Ryan allows a ladybug to be painted on his hand and resists washing it off for several minutes.

Age 10 3/4: Ryan comes home from school Field Day crying because his face is painted like a tiger.

Age 11 1/2: This happens.

No crying, no complaining about the sound of the airbrush compressor, no flinching at the peculiar feeling of being airbrushed, no touching his green face, no begging to wipe it all off before rehearsing his scene.

This weekend Ryan is playing Young Shrek in his middle school's production of Shrek Jr. Before casting Ryan the director asked if he would be ok with wearing full face paint; we said he would just have to deal with it. We told Ryan back in October that if he accepted this role he would have to wear green face paint - that the makeup would be part of the package.

And he accepted that.

He didn't move a muscle as a teacher applied a prosthetic nose with latex.
He was actually unnaturally silent as the latex dried - normally he's babbling nonstop.
Stu and I have vowed to stock up on liquid latex for daily use.
He was silent - not a giggle, not an "Aaagh, what's that sound?!?!" during the airbrushing process.

There were zero complaints as I applied lipstick and drew freckles on his cheeks.

And he was totally cooperative when we finally scrubbed and scrubbed the green away.

I am so proud of this kid.